Spring Training *New Client Special*

Spring Training *New Client Special*

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Join us this spring as we get ready for another active summer season. Integrative Wellness Group is offering a special on our physical medicine program to all new patients. This package allows for you to experience the variety of services we offer in our physical medicine program, allowing you to get back to your best self!  

What is included:

  • Biomechanics, muscle tests and neurology. This visit also includes our soundwave therapy which will start the healing process immediately giving you results faster.
  • Report of Findings exam, including specific Chiropractic adjustment, soft tissue release, and personal corrective exercises
  • 2 Foundation Training classes, showing you how to restore proper movement patterns, breathe better, and decrease daily pain
  • 2 inclusive Chiropractic Appointments
  • 1 Cupping session to stimulate detoxification, release soft tissue stress, and allow the body to heal even faster.


The fine print...

  • New IWG patients only
  • Chiropractic exam must be booked by end of May
  • No refunds


***This package will be ONLY be available until May 31st***