PTSD Protocol Package (Payment Plan Available)

PTSD Protocol Package (Payment Plan Available)

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PTSD can stem from car accidents, loss of loved ones, trauma, divorce, and a variety of other experiences that are sudden and jarring.

Dr. Nick uses his knowledge of the Demartini Method and Functional Neurology to help people work through PTSD.  Our approach to PTSD includes advanced medical technologies and a method created by Dr. Demartini, a human behavioral specialist. 

What's Included...

  • PTSD Neurofeedback Protocol: this helps to break neuroplasticity and rewire the brain. 
  • Neurological Craniosacral Therapy: this promotes better blood flow, cerebrospinal fluid flow, and nutrient flow to the brain to allow it to recover from the effect of extreme stress hormones. 
  • Intranasal Laser Therapy:  this purifies the blood going to the brain to help it heal and recover faster.
  • The Demartini Method:  broken down into 3 parts.  Part one will help you determine the story and triggers around the event that caused the PTSD.  Part Two uses the method to rewire neurological patterns around the event.  Part Three helps you to implement the new thought patterns into life. 

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