Functional Medicine Program Onboarding

Functional Medicine Program Onboarding

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Perfect for someone who has been on the merry-go-round of NO answers and NO solutions to their symptoms. The advanced testing used in this program allows us to target the root cause and create a personalized healing approach that allows you to get your life back. 

This program has helped people with autoimmune conditions, hormonal issues, mystery illness, Lyme disease, toxicity, thyroid issues, migraines, neurological issues, concussions, mental health issues, and so much more!

Based on testing results, your practitioner creates unique and personalized protocols for you so you can heal from the inside out. This program can be done in our office or virtually.

Program Onboarding Total: $1997  ($697 non refundable deposit when booking out 1st appointment, remaining $1300 due after 1st appointment)

  • 60 minute Exam
  • Basic Blood Draw + any additional testing recommended to see the whole picture
  • Integrative Response Testing
  • Bioscan
  • 60 minute Report of Findings

Upon purchasing, please be on the lookout for an email from Integrative Wellness Group to schedule your appointments!

Please Note: All monthly programs are billed separately. All purchases are non-refundable, non-transferable, and expire within 12 months of purchase.