21 Day Whole Body Reset

21 Day Whole Body Reset

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It's time for Integrative Wellness Group's 21 Day Whole Body Reset

Here is what's included...

  • All Cleanse Supplements
  • Dr. Nicole's Digital "Eat for Your Gut" Cookbook
  • GuaSha Massage Stone
  • Charcoal Epsom Salt Bath
  • Dry Brush
  • Glass Water Bottle Shaker
  • Access to our online portal and private Facebook Group

To take your Whole Body Reset to the next level, join us in our detox spa! Our Ionized Detox Baths and Infrared Saunas help to detox your body of environmental chemicals, heavy metals, and infections. 

They also help with weight loss, boosting immunity, increasing circulation, and supporting your lymphatic system.

When you upgrade you will receive 3 Infrared Sauna sessions and 3 Ion Detox Baths!

The Whole Body Reset is non-refundable and non-transferable.