Functional Medicine (Basic) Onboarding

Functional Medicine (Basic) Onboarding

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A functional medicine approach to Primary Care run by an IWG Health Coach and Nutritionist. Perfect for those looking to solidify their path to health with an Integrative Medicine evaluation, complete with essential lab tests. This can be done in-office or virtually. 

For those with a chronic illness, or pre-existing condition(s), please check out our Functional Medicine Intensive Program.

  • Initial 60 minute Consultation with your Health Coach
  • 30 Minute Nutritional Evaluation with your IWG Nutritionist
  • DNA-based Health Screening using our Bioresonance technology to reveal your body's state of health. This will pick up on any areas of dysfunction, pathologies, bacteria & infections, tissue states, and so much more.
  • Basic Blood Work
  • A personalized supplement and nutritional assessment based on your DNA
  • 60 Minute Review of Findings and Health Plan
  • 30 Minute review of personalized Nutrition Plan

Upon purchasing, please be on the lookout for an email from Integrative Wellness Group for the next steps!

All purchases are FINAL, non-refundable and non-transferable.