Chiropractic Exam + Initial Therapy [for new patients]

Chiropractic Exam + Initial Therapy [for new patients]

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The chiropractic pack is ideal for someone looking to enhance their physical performance, mobility, general well being, and recover from old injuries. 

IWG prides itself on a comprehensive and personalized approach to your unique health goals. We do not perform your typical understanding of a chiropractic 'adjustment' on the first day of service, as it is so vital to understand your unique body and its needs before jumping right in.

This initial exam includes a 60 minute consultation where we will go deep into your health history, a physical exam to uncover the root cause of your pain (i.e. is it tendon, lymph, scar tissue, alignment issues?), and your first treatment of Sound Wave therapy. Sound wave therapy goes deep into the tissue to bring healing blood flow, lymph drainage, and to break up scar tissue to repair and rejuvenate areas of the body that cannot be reached with traditional adjustments. Your practitioner will provide any additional therapies as needed. Your practitioner may also order any additional tests such as Xrays and MRIs at their discretion.

A second appointment, booked separately, will include a detailed review of your findings, a custom treatment plan, and a full length adjustment to meet your unique body's needs. Appointments going forward are based on your custom treatment plan.