Functional Medicine for Complex Cases

Functional Medicine for Complex Cases

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Our Functional Medicine Intensive is for complex cases. Functional Medicine is a style of medicine that uses specific and comprehensive testing to find the root cause of your “mystery” symptoms and the most specific protocol of treatment. IWG prides ourselves on using the most advanced technology and providing a truly one of a kind approach to healthcare. 

The appointments are completed over 2-3 office visits.  Depending on location, we will coordinate the visits to minimize travel time.  Immersion Weeks are available for people over 3 hours away which allows for testing and treatment to be done over the course of 1 week.  If you are interested in an immersion week, please contact the office.




60 Minute Initial Consultation and Exam - The IWG Functional Medicine Team will spend an hour with you to listen carefully to your health history, your symptoms, dietary habits, medications, supplements, and sleep patterns. We will perform diagnostic testing on the day of the consultation, including a Bioresonance Scan.

In-House Testing and Lab testing:  IWG performs advanced testing in order to direct us on the best protocols for your health. We collaborate traditional biochemical testing such as on-site blood work and heavy metal testing, in conjunction with biophysics testing such as Autonomic Response Testing, Bioresonance Scans, and Bioscan Therapy. This helps to bridge the gap between Western medicine and Eastern medicine to uncover the true root of your symptoms.

  • Blood Work - Blood will be completed by your in-network lab (Quest or Labcorp).  If you do not have insurance, we will provide you with discounted cash options.
  • Autonomic Response Testing - Autonomic Response Testing (ART) is a DNA-based biofeedback-enhanced exam to test for infections, toxins, and even beneficial therapies. It was developed by Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, Ph.D.  ART is a comprehensive diagnostic system that helps to find hidden infections and also dictate the best route of treatment for the patient.
  • Bioresonance Scan - To evaluate the body for pathology, allergens, and infections.  Upon establishing dysfunction, the technology has the ability to administer meta therapies to repair the tissue.  
  • Bioscan SRT - This is a procedure that combines the disciplines of Acupuncture, Biofeedback, and Homeopathy with Laser Light technology. A computerized scan or test is done to see what your body is sensitive to, and how it is out of balance, then help it learn not to be.
  • OligoScan for Heavy Metals and Minerals - The OligoScan technology allows you to make a quick and precise analysis of the trace elements and heavy metals in the tissues of the body.  

60 Minute Report of Findings which discusses Lab Findings, Dietary Changes, Supplement Protocols, Food Allergies, Lifestyle Changes and Treatment Protocols.